For some of the world’s largest global technology companies, Yarnell has used a variety of technologies to conduct qualitative research. 

Expertise only comes with knowledge and experience. For more than 30 years Yarnell has conducted new product, branding and messaging research for companies such as Intel, IBM, Dell, HP, HPE, and Microsoft.

The Yarnell Difference

However, no matter what technology is chosen, the success requirements for research remain the same:  ask the right people the right questions in the right setting. . . and probe to make sure you fully understand the answers.

And Yarnell does.

What enables that is our creative yet efficient research designs followed by meticulous project management and interviewing skills.  We honed our interviewing skills through years of conducting depth interviews and focus groups across a variety of users and decisionmakers.

Moreover, clients have told us that they consider Yarnell Inc unsurpassed at:

Knowing technology; 

Knowing the mind of the IT customer; and

Knowing what methods work

All this leads to successful projects that achieve client objectives on time and within budget.

Knowing Technology

We work hard to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and technology related decisions facing decisionmakers.  For the last few years we have focused on:

  • Enterprise Security
  • Cloud Related Computing (Hyperscalers; hybrid)
  • AI (ML/DL/GenAI)
  • Storage
  • IoT
  • Servers
  • Edge Computing
  • FinOps

Knowing the mind of the IT customer

Successful research requires discovering how IT customers perceive their environment and the frames they use that drive their technology choices.

To achieve that requires asking the right questions in the right environment to get the right information.

This means presenting new product concepts in a manner that will elicit reliable feedback and it requires describing usage scenarios/cases that help respondents understand innovative technologies in never-experienced-before situations.

Knowing what methods work

Though we have used traditional qualitative techniques for many years, but we have also developed a few special tools to gain this knowledge of the IT mind and to help our clients: 

  • Concept Image Maps™ — Discover how customers actually perceive brands
  • Technology Environment Scenarios™ — More accurately predict what customers will actually do as they confront situations and technologies and products/services never seen before
  • Justification Analysis™ — Help develop more effective positioning and messaging

When clients need projects that entail both qualitative and quantitative components, we deliver total ‘best of breed’ expertise by collaborating with world-class quantitative companies.